June 14, 2024
Control Internet Access

There are billions of internet users worldwide, and we can’t freely access all websites if the owner restricted access to a particular country. Your computer’s server may be restricted access because it isn’t seen as trustworthy by the website. In cases like these, you have no choice but to use a proxy website. But there are many other reasons why you may want to use a proxy website. And it’s not just to gain access to these restricted websites. It’s very useful if you want to ensure your network’s privacy, cookies, and more.

If you’re new to proxy websites and want to know how to utilize them, you should know the reasons why it’s useful. So read on to know what these reasons are that will help you determine if it’s useful for you. In the end, you might even want to have a different proxy for each tab on your computer!

 Different Types of Proxy Servers

Control Internet Access

If you’re a parent who wants to make sure that their kids are accessing kid-friendly websites only, or an employer that wants to ensure that their employees are only using the internet for work-related things, then you may want to consider using a proxy website. Proxy websites can be set up to block sites that you think are not acceptable for your children or your employees. Aside from that, you can also program a proxy site to log all web requests to see what the person using the computer is doing.

Gain Access to Restricted Sites

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the main uses of proxy websites is to access blocked websites. Anyone can access a blocked site using a proxy server by changing their IP address to another country. In turn, employees with blocked access can use a proxy server to navigate the internet despite your proxy’s restrictions.

Increase Privacy

Since you can change your IP address using a proxy website’s IP address, all your information and data stay private. Therefore, the website you are trying to access will not know who you are. Even if they manage to save the IP address, it’s not yours but the poxy site’s IP address.

High Anonymity Proxy Servers

Improve Speed While Saving Bandwidth

Web proxies can cache web pages, which means they will save the most recent copy of often used websites. So if you use or access the same websites all the time, then the proxy can readily retrieve it from their saved websites. That’s how it improves connection speeds while saving on bandwidth.

The Bottom line

A proxy server is a very useful tool, which you can utilize every day to ensure privacy and security. You can use it in many instances, such as for employees at work or your kids to make sure they won’t accidentally access any unacceptable websites.